July 1 – July 3, 2024

9:00 a.m. – Noon

1440 Harold St. 77006

Enter through the Courtyard

Just Like Me at Bering Church is designed to help kids celebrate their own identities as beloved creations of God – just as they are. Over the course of these three days, students will be introduced to a cast of neighborhood gardeners who will help them explore Bible stories of people who were able to change things for the better. Activities will include music, science, mission and even kid-style advocacy and activism. This is sure to be a fun-filled adventure for all – kindergarten through 5th grade.

Early Bird Registration: $30.00 per child

Early bird registration deadline: June 19,  2024

Late Registration: $60.00 per child

Late registration deadline: June 20-30, 2024

Sponsor a Student

Sponsorship allows other families to attend VBS.

For more information, please contact Bodie at [email protected]

Meet Your Garden Guides

During Just Like Me Vacation Bible School, campers will learn about different characters in the Bible. As we tend to these stories, our Garden Guides will help us understand how the lessons of the Bible apply to our lives today, and how each one of us helps the story of the Bible grow in our own hearts, and in the hearts of others, too!




Amani is adventurous and curious. She loves to ask questions and investigate answers to all her biggest questions. Amani likes to play outside and do big projects that help her learn new skills and information. Amani has a hard time believing things without seeing them or experiencing them for herself.

Amani helps us feel comfortable learning things in our own ways. She helps remind us that Jesus welcomes all of our questions!



Mateo is thoughtful and kind. He tries his best to listen to others and think before he acts. Sometimes Mateo has a hard time doing things on his own and he always tries his best to use his voice to ask for what he needs. Mateo likes to be invoived in his community where he uses his voiec to speak up for the issues that he cares about.

Mateo helps us learn how to use our voice to ask for what we need, while also reminding us that we should ask others what they need.




Kay is optimistic and generous. Whenever they are able, Kay likes to volunteer in their community. Kay’s favorite hobby is baking, and they loves to share their treats with their church and neighbors. Kay hopes to someday own a bakery so they can share more treats with more people.

Kay wants to help everyone learn that we all have something valuable to share, even when it seems like what we have is small.




Kofi is empathetic and compassionate. He lives in a very tight-knit neighborhood and likes to help his neighbors out with their yard work. Kofi spends a lot of time with friends and tries his best to lend a helping hand or lend things to his neighbors when they need help. Kofi knows what it is like to need a little help, so he is happy to help others in his neighborhood.

Kofi knows that we all need other people sometimes, and reminds us that it is important to find people who support and help us.




Maya is passionate and confident. She is really in tune with the needs of others around her and has a gift for understanding the perspectives of others. Whenever she hears about a difficult situation or challenge, Maya comes up with creative ways to help. She doesn’t let much get in her way and knows how to use her voice to tell people around her about different ways they can work together to tackle big issues in the world.

Maya helps us learn how to use our voices to speak up for others, and reminds us that small actions can lead to big results. 

Join the fun at Vacation Bible School!

All are welcome – just as you are!

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