Bering Church blessed the union of more than 40 same-gender couples Sunday, January 12, 2020 in an act of “sacred protest” against the “Traditional Plan” adopted narrowly by delegates at the February 2019 Special General Conference of the United Methodist denomination.

On January 1, 2020, the “Traditional Plan” went into effect. The plan is anything but “Traditional” as it is a radical departure from the Wesleyan/Methodist tradition of grace. Under this plan, clergy who are found guilty by trial of performing a same-gender wedding, regardless of circumstances, are suspended for a minimum of one year without pay. The second time, they are stripped of their credentials without recourse. The plan also prohibits bishops from ordaining “self-avowed” “homosexuals” and places additional punitive measures in the already discriminatory United Methodist Book of Discipline which falsely labels living out one’s God-given identity as LGBTQAI+ as “incompatible with Christian teaching,” singling out LGBTQ persons for harm.

Bering Church unequivocally denounces the “Traditional Plan” and the portions of the Book of Discipline that discriminate against LGBTQAI+ persons, couples and families. In opposition to the harmful actions of the United Methodist denomination in implementing this plan, Bering Church (formerly referred to as Bering Memorial UMC) will not use “United Methodist” in any of its communications until the discrimination ends. Bering stands with ALL LGBTQAI+ couples, affirming and celebrating their love for one another as sacred in the sight of God, and blessing the relationships of those who were able to attend on Sunday, January 12, 2020.

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